Welcome to Thames Valley AI Hub, a community bringing together those working in and with AI to accelerate Innovation

The TV AI Hub has been created to bring the incredible Thames Valley AI community together so everyone can learn, network, collaborate, share knowledge, explore and develop business opportunities and partnerships.

Our events progamme is key in connecting people, and our regular themed events showcase state of the art developments from within the region and cutting-edge research at the University. Free to attend and open to all, information on forthcoming events can be found here on the events tab and recordings of past events on the library tab.

Members will also benefit by connection to an extensive partner network offering a range of business support services, funding, and training opportunities. Support is available to those wishing to engage an academic partner to deliver a specific project through advice and guidance from specialist knowledge exchange professionals.

In support of the thriving life sciences sector locally we are developing a community of practice in partnership with Bayer LifeHub UK and are delivering a series of cobranded activities.  Following on from a successful inaugural event in Agritech, and the world leading research at the University of Reading, a program of activities focussed on Agriculture is also being planned. 2022 will see further exciting developments for those interested in climate change so do follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter where we post regular updates and be amongst the first to hear news and get involved.


Accelerating Healthcare Innovation by Collaboration

If you are developing an innovative healthcare project and would like to discuss the options for collaborating with either the University of Reading or Bayer Life Hub UK then please get in touch to talk through the available options.



Find out more about this opportunity: Accelerating Innovation Through Collaboration

Connect with University of Reading: tvaihub@reading.ac.uk 

Connect with Bayer LifeHub UK:  LifeHubUK@bayer.com

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Find out more about the pioneering work being done in AI by companies already here in the Thames Valley...

We would like this AI Hub to showcase work being done in AI and its related fields by those actually doing it. Oracle and the University of Reading have kicked this off, so please get in touch if you would like to contribute. We are keen to show the breadth and depth of what is being done across all sectors, from startups to corporates and everything in between. Please get in touch 












How to make AI work for your business

The news about artificial intelligence is mostly dominated by sensational stories such as the ominous threat of deepfakes, deep learning algorithms that create fake blogs, AI bots that create their own language, and generative adversarial networks that create realistic portraits of non-existent people.

But the practical use of AI algorithms is much farther behind than the hype caused by the media. From peer-reviewed breakthrough research presented at mainstream AI conferences to PR-style videos created by large tech companies and well-funded research labs, only a trickle of the innovation we see in the field makes it into real business processes and applications.

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UK releases guidelines to help governments accelerate ‘trusted’ AI deployments

The UK has released new guidelines during the World Economic Forum (WEF) to help governments accelerate the deployment of trusted AI solutions.

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Sensory Dimensions

Sensory Dimensions is a Sensory and Consumer research agency based in Reading operating in the UK and Internationally who expressed an initial interest in adopting new technology back in January and was looking at ways that AI could replace aspects of what they do currently to deliver a better result for their clients.  Since then, Sensory Dimensions have implemented AI and share their journey here.  

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Using AI to predict climate prediction

Numerical models of the climate are made of many mathematical equations that describe our knowledge of the physical laws governing the atmosphere, the ocean, the sea-ice etc. These equations are solved using computers that “see” the Earth system at discrete points only, for instance at the vortexes of a grid where the physical quantities are defined. The density of the grid defines the model resolution: the denser the grid the higher the resolution and, in principle, the better the match between the simulated and the real climate.

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Reading collaboration wins prestigious award.

High Wycombe-based AI utility and energy management service company Optimal Monitoring win the Retail Energy Forum Commission Award with their pioneering EMMA AI solution. 

After working with the Knowledge Transfer Centre at the University of Reading to develop the software, EMMA AI was one of three Wright Commission Award finalists as nominated by the Retail Energy Forum (REF) for outstanding innovation in the energy management space. 

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R.U. Hackathon a Success

Hear from the University of Reading's R.U.hacking Society on the obstacles that they overcame to deliver a successful hackathon during a pandemic. The full list of challenges and winning entries can be viewed here.   

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What's Going On...

Growth Hub




Peer Networks Programme 2021

Thames Valley Berkshire Business Growth Hub has announced it will run a second peer-to-peer networking programme for Berkshire businesses following the success of last year’s pilot.

Part of the Government’s Peer Networks initiative, the free programme will bring together diverse cohorts of business leaders to discuss business challenges and opportunities. Delivered through a series of six high impact group sessions with a trained facilitator, business owners will share experiences, discuss common issues and identify practical solutions to overcome them. The programme aims to help SMEs create a trusted local support network, accelerate growth and improve productivity.

For more details and to register your interest click here.


The Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit

The tech sector is currently responsible for 1 in 10 UK job vacancies, however there is continued disparity in representation and venture capital investment for underrepresented groups. 

As such, Tech Nation are delighted to launch the Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit, a guide for tech founders and their employees to help them build more diverse and inclusive businesses, and provide equal opportunities for everyone aspiring to work in UK tech.

For more details click here.

Women in Innovation Awards 2021/22

Innovate UK’s Women in Innovation 2021/22 competition aims to get more women with excellent ideas innovating within UK businesses.

At least 20 female entrepreneurs will be awarded a cash injection of £50K each, and recieve a bespoke package of business support, coaching and mentoring.

The  competition is open for applications. Click here to find out more about the eligibility criteria, the application proccess, and timeline.