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What's Going On...

Unravelling challenges for AI in healthcare

20th January 2021

15:00 - 17:00

Bringing together healthcare professionals with those developing AI technologies to identify solutions to key challenges.

Online Webinar 

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How to make data science more racially inclusive 

10th February 2021 


We hope that attendees at this event will leave with a fresh insight into this all-important subject and realise that it is ok to make a mistake if we acknowledge, learn from it and move on. The important thing is to be having these conversations and trying to improve the situation.

Online Webinar 

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KTN Funding Opportunities

The KTN are offering frequently updated news regarding business funding in the UK. This includes collaborative funding, knowledge transfer partnerships (KTP), SBRI (Small Business Research Initiative), grant funding, competitions, and innovation loans. 

Find more about the KTN's current funding opportunities here.