Agritech and AI: The Data Driven Future of Agriculture?

This event from 21 July looked at the many ways that AI is transforming Agriculture and addressed some of the social and ethical challenges that this presents. Speakers Charles Veys Managing Director FOTENIX focused on the use of AI with machine vision and open innovation to provide online monitoring in the agricultural sector. The Dr David Rose & Juliette Schillings talked about “The promises of AI for agriculture: what are the opportunities and risks?”.


You can view the event here

Funding Options for AI Healthcare Projects

Bayer LifeHub UK and Thames Valley AI Hub delivered the third in a series of co-branded events, on 16th June 20201, with a focus on the funding options for AI in healthcare projects.

Speakers from  NIHR (National Institute for Health Research) AAC Accelerated Access Collaboration, NHS England and Improvement and Oxford Academic Health Science Network gave an overview of the funding landscape, and shared details on the AI in Health and Care Award and the support available for AI innovators in healthcare. 

Mirada Medical who had 2 projects funded in the first round of the AI in Health and Care award (Phase 1 and Phase 4) closed the event by sharing why their propositions stood out and lessons learnt from the process.

funding 2

You can view the event here

KTPs - Bridging the Gap Between Academia & Industry

This event from 24 February 2021 explains how the government backed Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) scheme can help your business to innovate and grow.

The KTN advisor explains what is required for a successful KTP application, a representative from the University of Reading KTC  gives details of the support available and 3 companies, at different stages of their KTP explain why they committed to the programme, what they hoped to achieve and how those expectations are being met.

KTP Event

You can view the event here



How to make data science more racially inclusive

This event took place on Wednesday 10th February 2021, and highlights the issues and impact of racial biases in AI/ML algorithms and discusses what we can do to mitigate against this.

Guest speakers: Senior Data Science Specialist at NATS; Andrew Sivanesan, and Business Development Manager and dynamic change agent; Bunmi Durowoju.


You can view the event here.



Unravelling challenges for AI in healthcare


 A co-branded virtual event between the TVAI Hub and Bayer LifeHub UK, with a keynote speech from Dr Matthew Lungren MD MPH Co-Director, Stanford Center for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Imaging.






You can view the event here.  


Data Science: Where Do I Start?

The TVAI Hub hosted an online event about Data Science: Where Do I Start? on Wednesday 30th September 2020.

With guests speakers Andrew Sivanesan - Data Science Specialist at NATS and president of globeAll, and Ella Cockerell - Business Development Lead, IoT, EMEA & Vice Chair of Women @ Microsoft Board at Microsoft, "Data Science: Where Do I Start?" -covers a recent journey in building a data science skill set highlighting the useful resources available and the pitfalls to avoid.


AI in Intellectual Property

The TVAI Hub hosted an online event about AI in Intellectual Property on Wednesday 15th July 2020.

Artificial intelligence law and the use of technology within the legal profession have been recent hot topics. Hear from 2 experts as they explore the legal framework around AI creativity and the extent to which AI programmes might be considered the legal author of literary or artistic works that they create.

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AI in the Knowledge Transfer Network

The TVAI Hub hosted an online event about AI in the Knowledge Transfer Network on Wednesday 17th June 2020.

Dr. Caroline Chibelushi, Knowledge Transfer Manager for Artificial Intelligence, joined us to explain what KTN does and how the organisation can help your business. The Knowledge Transfer Network is Innovate UK’s network partner whose primary focus is connecting people in order to accelerate innovation. By linking new ideas and opportunities with expertise, markets and finance through their network of businesses, universities, funders and investors, KTN helps businesses to innovate and grow, capturing maximum value from innovative ideas, scientific research and creativity.

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AI in Urban Planning & Transport

The TVAI Hub hosted an online event about AI in Urban Planning & Transport on Wednesday 13th May 2020.

Lecturer in Architecture at University of Reading; John Harding , joined us to provide a brilliant talk on 'Architecture and AI: when (not) to trust a machine'.

We were also joined by Director of Transport and Infrastructure at Stantec; Scott Witchalls, who provided a fantastic talk on 'Urban Planning and Transport – What does the Future look like and When will it arrive?'

Urban Planning & Transport

 You can view the event here



What's Going On...

Growth Hub




Peer Networks Programme 2021

Thames Valley Berkshire Business Growth Hub has announced it will run a second peer-to-peer networking programme for Berkshire businesses following the success of last year’s pilot.

Part of the Government’s Peer Networks initiative, the free programme will bring together diverse cohorts of business leaders to discuss business challenges and opportunities. Delivered through a series of six high impact group sessions with a trained facilitator, business owners will share experiences, discuss common issues and identify practical solutions to overcome them. The programme aims to help SMEs create a trusted local support network, accelerate growth and improve productivity.

For more details and to register your interest click here.


The Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit

The tech sector is currently responsible for 1 in 10 UK job vacancies, however there is continued disparity in representation and venture capital investment for underrepresented groups. 

As such, Tech Nation are delighted to launch the Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit, a guide for tech founders and their employees to help them build more diverse and inclusive businesses, and provide equal opportunities for everyone aspiring to work in UK tech.

For more details click here.

Women in Innovation Awards 2021/22

Innovate UK’s Women in Innovation 2021/22 competition aims to get more women with excellent ideas innovating within UK businesses.

At least 20 female entrepreneurs will be awarded a cash injection of £50K each, and recieve a bespoke package of business support, coaching and mentoring.

The  competition is open for applications. Click here to find out more about the eligibility criteria, the application proccess, and timeline.